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We've built a strong reputation with businesses in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho for our fast, thorough and confidential computer services. We work with businesses of all sizes and you can count on our certified technicians to provide the highest security for your sensitive data. From PC repair to network setup, we've got you covered.

PC Repair

Our knowledgeable staff excels in providing the right solution fast. We understand that you need to minimize downtime. All of our technicians have years of hands-on experiences so you can trust your computer repair needs are in expert hands.

Virus Removal and Anti-Virus Installation

An infection can compromise or lock valuable files, corrupt drives, and cost time and money. Ransomeware encrypts files, rendering them unusable. Rootkits resist most methods of virus removal. Our team keeps current on the latest malware to provide you with efficient diagnosis and treatment.

We remove computer viruses safely and restore full functioning of your system as quickly as possible. We're only a phone call away in an emergency. We'll service your computers on-site or remotely over a secure connection. We also install anti-virus software and set it to update automatically to give you the best ongoing protection.

Hardware Upgrades and Peripherals Setup

We handle all stages of your business computing systems and hardware upgrades from selection through installation. Save time by having us set up all the elements of your system or install individual components as needed, such as printer/scanner/fax, router, external drives and monitors. Leave the configuration and calibration to us. From monitor resolution to setting up which terminals use which printer, we take care of everything.

Network Setup & Repair

Network setup and repair are among our specialties. Your network is a key to smooth operations. We get it configured correctly, make sure it's secure and handle any problems immediately.

Offsite Backup & Restore

Keeping your data secure and making sure nothing is damaged or lost requires offsite backup. Computer systems are vulnerable to natural disasters, damage, theft, hacking, fire and other catastrophes. Our offsite backup service keeps your business information safe.
Even in the event of a disaster that prevents access to your office or damages your hardware, you'll have all your files secure and readily available. We manage backup automation so your data is always up to date and ready for full restoration. We make it our business to serve and protect your business.

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CDA Computer Guru provides top-notch in-store and on-site computer repair and I.T. services.

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